Tired of wandering the same worn-out tourist trails? Of visiting the same listless sights and following a path not designed for you? If you want more from your holiday, look no further than Coast & Co, your guide to the Fleurieu Peninsula. Our little patch of paradise here offers the perfect getaway for those wishing to pump some energy and life back into their well-deserved getaways. Move away from the traditional, turn your back on the tried-and-tested, and head off into the uncharted! At Coast and Co., we like to mix things up – we’re talking 4WD, helicopters and e-bikes, along with a measure of good old fashioned walking.

The Fleurieu Peninsula is more than just a great wine region – situated only 1 hour South of Adelaide, the region boasts some of the best food, nature, and adventure activities in the country. There’s no better place for those wishing to reignite their passion for adventure, breathtaking landscapes, and quality time away from it all.

Meet The Man Behind It All

Simon Burley is a Fleurieu local with a rich background in gin, whisky, wine, and tourism. Over the last 15 years, this career has taken him around the globe, from London to Sydney and then Perth, and now back to his beloved Fleurieu. It’s been a journey inspired by a love of landscapes, nature, and of course the tipples that go with each place he’s worked! Coast & Co. emerged from a very simple drive; Simon’s passion for unveiling the beauty of the region he has been exploring since a child. Uniting and showcasing the very best of the Fleurieu region and its producers, Coast & Co. get behind the scenes, taking guests beyond the tourist trail. From winemakers to farmers, foodies, brewers, and baristas, it’s all here. Ready your senses for an unforgettable experience in southern Australia with Coast & Co.